Ricky has been the light of our life.  He is so beautiful, intelligent and full of fun and energy.  I can't believe how much joy he has brought into our lives.  Everyone loves Ricky!!!!  He is busy making new puppy friends and was quite amazed at his first run in with a duck at our local park.  Learning how to bark is another one of his new talents.  Thank you so much for letting us join your lab family.


Marc and Rhonda - California

Charcoal Labrador Retriever

Daisy is such a good dog!  She is so loved!  She already knows how to sit, lay, come, and shake on command!  She's so clever!                           

           Olivia and Sam - Utah

Silver Labrador Retriever

Bally is one of the smartest dogs I ever have had.  She is house broke, sits, lays down, stays, doesn't jump up on anyone.  Her training is spot on for duck hunting.  She loves the beach and my neighbor's pond.  She was meant to be.  I can't tell you how happy we are with her.


         TJ Wills - Florida

Silver Lab Puppy
At 7 months old, Nellie is way more than I could have ever imagined.  I was looking for a dog to start duck hunting with and I found a friend.  She stays with me wherever I go, pulling weeds in the garden, camping in the hills, and hiking through the sagebrush.  She aims to please and wants to show everyone her tricks.  When I take her to the river to swim, I am amazed at her aggressive leaps into the water.  She wants that bird!  She listens to directions when swimming and uses natural instincts to find the dummy.  I can't wait for opening day when I get to test her true abilities.  Thank you Silver Star Labs of Idaho for helping me find the perfect companion!
Stacie -Idaho
Charcoal Lab Puppy
Mom (2).jpg

Tina was terrific to work with!  We received updates, pictures and are very pleased with our new pup! 


Dakota is perfect!  He was very easy to house-train and already knows several commands.  He is smart and very well-bred.  We couldn’t be happier!  He will be loved as part of our family forever.

We are so happy with our puppy!  "Birdie" is such a sweet, curious girl.  Our boys adore her.  They were over the moon with the surprise delivery last night.  Birdie has adjusted so well.  No big separation issues and she did a wonderful job sleeping in her crate last night.  Birdie loves her new big dog sister, Luna....they even napped while snuggled together today.  We are so excited that she is a part of our family!  Thank you so much!  Angela and Christian
Moss is doing wonderful at duck school.  He should be home in a month or so!  We are so happy and excited how your guy's puppies turn out.  Moss is an excellent dog!!  Thanks
Luke and Evelyn

Oh, we are ecstatic!!  We could not be more happy with the choice we made!!!!  As always, please know we are so thankful to you for helping to raise Zoey and guide us to choosing her as the right puppy for our family!  We could never thank you enough!!!!!


Amy and Al

Elly has been such a joyful addition to our family for the short time she has been with us.  She is amazingly smart and beautiful, the tangible evidence of Tina and Silver Star's program.  Through the whole process of getting Elly, Tina was extremely responsive to every last question or concern I may have had and still remains a good source of information even after Elly was added to the family.  You could never go wrong getting a Silver Star lab from Tina's operation.  Trust me, it's so worth it.